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Why Cards are use for?

  • You Will Learn Cards of Skeleton
  • Cards are very mobile keep things organized

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What is Skeleton FrameWork?

Skeleton is a lightweight Css FrameWork It can be used in small projects Skeleton Comes with 2 files of css with no JavaScript It Comes with 12 columns Grid System It has Some Code for Buttons , Forms , Alerts , Table , Grid , Typography In Short this framework is for those who want to write their own but want just to get the mobile friendly website

| Cards - Code |

- Code -

<div class="card">
<h3>What is Skeleton? </h3>
<p>Put You Text Here</p>
<div class="u-text-right">
<button class="button-primary">Click Me</button>

| Cards With Link - Code |

- Code -

<a href="Cards-SkeletonFrameWork.php" class="card">
<h3>What is Skeleton FrameWork? </h3>
<p>Put You Text Here