Skeleton FrameWork - Css Grid System + What is Grid Sytem?


Skeleton - Css Grid Sytem

What is Css Grid System in Skeleton FrameWork?

  • What is Css Grid System?
  • Before you tell Css Grid System Tell Me From Where To Start
  • Because iam seeing Coding and i don't know where i put Skeleton Css grid system

I Know ! These Questions are Coming in your Mind so I am going to Give you the answer of all these Questions Be Patient - hahaha!

First Thing First

| What is Css Grid System? |

  • I Know when you open index.html file on notepad++ anyother Text Editor so you see something like this

Grid System of Skeleton framework
Note! But we Are Working on this Part
GridSystem of Skeleton1
Ok ! So Shall We Start Learning What is Skeleton Css Grid System ?

Css Grid System?

| Explained |

  • In Easy Words We can Say That Grid System Consists of Rows And Columns
  • Question - So Why do We Have Columns And Rows?
  • Answer is - Because in this way we can tell to skeleton where to put something in what column and row and skeleton has 12 columns


| How Do We tell? |

| To Grid |

We have Class for this Work Like - <div class="twelve columns">As Here We have used Tweleve Columns So Instead of using Tweleve Columns We can useOne Columns , Two Columns , Three Columns , Four Columns , Five Columns , Six Columns , Seven Columns , Eight Columns , Nine Columns , Ten Columns , Eleven Columns , Twelve Columns ,

| Example |

- Code -

<div class="container">
<div class="row">
<div class="twelve columns">
<!-- You Content here -->

| Code |

- Explained -

1. <div class="container"> ---Everything Thing Goes Inside Container
2. <div class="row"> ---After Container Row Comes And Columns Come inside Row
3. <div class="twelve columns"> --- Here We are Telling How Many Columns Do We Want