Skeleton FrameWork Tutorial - Learn What is . How to Download


Skeleton FrameWork Tutorial

What is Skeleton FrameWork?

In this Skeleton framework Tutorial you will learn

  • Skeleton is a lightweight Css FrameWork
  • It can be used in small projects
  • Skeleton Comes with 2 files of css with no JavaScript
  • It Comes with 12 columns Grid System
  • It has Some Code for Buttons , Forms , Alerts , Table , Grid , Typography
  • In Short this framework is for those who want to write their own but want just to get the mobile friendly website

Note! This Skeleton FrameWork has limited things so if you want your website with something more then you can use either Boostrap or Foundation or can add your own Code

Where Can We Download Skeleton FrameWork?

  • Go to the Official Website of Skeleton
  • Which is ""
  • Open this Website there You will Find Download Button
  • Click On the Download Button And then you will get the file
  • Un Compress the File
  • And Then you will have 3 files one is for css

  • Second is for image
  • And Last Third is index.html file (Main)
  • Right Click on index.html file and open it on Notepad++ or any other Text Editor . Skeleton framework tutorial has not finished yet Next What ? Click To See